Monday, 06 February 2023  
Keynote Speekers
Panel Discussions

The UNI-TEL Project: Current Activities and the Future Impacts


Chaired by:

Prof. Ali Akbar Safavi

(Shiraz University, Iran)


Panel Members:

Prof. Matti Lappalainen

(University of Turku, Finland)

Prof. Antonio Teixeira

(University of Aberta, Portugal)

Prof. Matteo Martini

(University of Marconi, Italy)

Ms. Ilaria Reggiani

(University of Marconi, Italy)

غلامحسین رحیمی دوست

Prof. Gholamhossein Rahimidoost

(Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Iran)

Prof. Hamid Marateb

(University of Isfahan, Iran)

List of Journals to Publish Selected Papers in Collaboration with the Conference